Unparalleled Advantages

Our data centers offer unparalleled advantages in these key areas:


Leading tax incentives for qualifying new data center developments in the United States

  • 100% tax exemption on sales and use taxes
  • 100% on real estate taxes with a minimum investment of $400 million. Also requires a Municipal Fee Hosting Agreement (effectively a PILOT program, a substantially lesser amount)
  • 100% exemption for financial transaction taxes, for 30 years

Reliable Electric Supply

  • Dual nuclear reactor direct transmission to the NE Edge substation to serve two data centers.

  • Fixed Electricity Supply assignable contract for 30 years [at a starting rate of $0.08 MWh with a 2.5% annual escalator].

  • 300+ MWs readily available power upon delivery of the Campus with no lead time requirements for electricity ramp ups. Options for expansion (additional buildings) at the time of the New ISO-NE forward capacity auction (“FCA”).

  • No grid transmission expense, No gas or diesel generation dependence; and NO Renewable Energy Certificates (“RECs”) required

  • ·100% exemption for financial transaction taxes, for 30 years

Ready to Market Capacity and Infrastructure

  • The Campus offers readily available power upon property delivery versus other established markets that are throttled by capacity and delivery constraints, which create additional delays.
  • The electrical infrastructure and substation will be delivered as part of the critical construction phase of Building I and power to meet all tenant requirements will be available at Certificate of Occupancy for each building.   
  • Main trunk fiber in the region lies on east / west trajectory along the rail lines which run across the Campus and the Interstate 95 corridor (approximately 2.2 miles away).